Established in 1959.

Condon Jewelers is one of the first jewelry stores to open in Madison, WI and was established by Jerry Condon in 1959! That makes Condon's one of the longest standing jewelry stores in the area!

Mr. Condon held presidency for 25 years, until he sold it in 1985. For 16 years, the business was under other ownership until 2001, when current President Jim Nielsen took over. Jim has been the president of Condon Jewelers for almost 15 years with a strong history in the jewelry business, specifically with Condon's. Jim's first experience with the business dates back to Jerry Condon's presidency.

That being said, Jim has over 30 years of experience in the jewelry business and prides himself on providing customers with honest evaluations and appraisals, along with offering the best deals. After leaving Condons, Jim wants you to say: 

"I've got a Jeweler on my side"